Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forbidden Peak Brewery Brings Home Skookum's Gold

Forbidden Peak Brewery: Award Winning Beer!
The FPB Crew recently returned from a glorious weekend in Haines, Alaska at the 16th Annual Great Alaska Homebrew and Craft Beer Festival. The Crew traveled north with expectations of enjoying a few pints in the beautiful southeast Alaska sunshine, but came away with much more. Forbidden Peak Brewery celebrated its 8-month anniversary by being awarded the gold medal in the American Ale category for our Arctic Beaver Brown, and a silver medal in the English, Scottish, and Irish Ales category for our Red Storm.
There were a total of 76 entries in the home brew competition, making the event an officially sanctioned American Homebrew Association event.
Congratulations to FPB and the entire Crew who made it out support the beer!!!

A big congratulations and shout-out is also in order to Brant and Jamie, who took home the bronze medal in the English, Scottish, and Irish Ales, and also spent the weekend judging beers. (We had an elaborate scheme set up to bribe them, but then realized they don't know what categories or whose beers they are judging)
It was an inspiring weekend for the FPB marketing department, including the birth of the "Forbidden Peak Girls". Look for the calendar coming out next Christmas. May will always be the month of the Gold Spot!

Mid-way through an exhaustive search for Skookum's grave, the Crew decided to kick back and take in the scenery in sunny Southeast, AK.

Last but certainly not least, a big THANK YOU from the entire Crew goes to John and Julie, for hosting an impressive turnout of the Seattle and Juneau contingent, and for sponsoring the epic Great Beer and Lawn Games Tournament. That's the Ladder!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Forbidden Kegerator Hits Gold

Forbidden Peak Brewery unveiled the Forbidden Kegerator on Saturday night, much to the pleasure of those who were able to make the event. On tap at the festival were Skookum's Gold and Hogshead Amber, and Fear Liath was available in bottles.

The brewer of gold.
The master of pong.
Cousin Skookum's the one.
Who mastered it all.
We miss the good stories
And his jolly big laugh;
But don't shed a tear
For Skookum's always here
His legacy and spirit live on
As long as there is beer pong.
So fill your pint with gold,
The greatest beer ever sold.
And clink your friend's glass,
As you dream of conquering Chilkoot Pass.

-Squatch 1899

The Forbidden Pong Table was also introduced at the party. The combination of Skookum's Gold and pong was a force to be reckoned with. A grueling beer pong tourney ensued and few survived the harsh reality of real competition.

Team Eli and Justin held their own for a few rounds, but were too busy posing for the Forbidden Peak press to worry about the game.

Chair Umpire Myer was quick to elaborate on the official Skookum rules and was also helpful in keeping the JaegerSquirrel at bay.

Nathan, Dean, and Miranda were awe-inspired by the gamesmanship being shown on the table. "That a Man!" is all Miranda could muster as the the Champion Killers Chris and Galen were finally able to take out Myer and Skye.

A new Forbidden Peak Glass Boot was introduced to the brewery- thanks Peder, Allison, & Brady! Das boot looks better in gold.

Thanks to the extended brew crew family for helping make the introduction of the Forbidden Kegerator a great success. The screening of the "Outdoorsmen" brought a humorous and lively end to the evening- thanks Nathan and Miranda!

Although it will take a few weeks to get Skookum's back on tap, it's popularity requires us to do so immediately. What's next on tap? Look for Secret Spot Summer to be available next week.

Next week the staff at Forbidden Peak Brewery (minus Rob, who will hold down the fort) will all head up to Haines, Alaska to enter the prestigious Great Alaskan Craft Beer and Homebrew Festival. The crew will take a day to commemorate Skookum and will bring his grave site a pint of gold.