Sunday, October 26, 2008

FPB Pumpkins

The 3rd Annual Forbidden Peak Brewery Pumpkin Carving Contest was held this past weekend. With beer soaked brats, Forbidden Peak Beer, and lots of pumpkins, the event was a smashing success. As seems to be the trend, FPB inspired pumpkins are becoming more and more popular. Below are some of this years finalists:

Since 2008 is the Year of the JaegerSquirrel it seemed appropriate to have a couple pumpkins focused on this elusive nightime creature.

Skookum's Gold also made a surprise appearance:

Nice work carvers, and we're already looking forward to next years' pumpkins! To update the fans of our special seasonal brews, an unfortunate growing season in the foothills of Forbidden Peak has caused the second vintage of Pumpkin Frost to be delayed until next year. Squatch has the improved recipe all ready, and we are now just waiting for the frosty seeds to produce another fruitful batch!

Have a cool pumpkin ? Send us pictures!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"We Were Here, We Drank Beer" Photos

Forbidden Peak Brewery's "We Were Here, We Drank Beer" campaign is in full swing!

FPB is always excited to receive photos from our favorite beer drinkers living their lives in FPB gear. The gear and flags are meant to be enjoyed on the top of peaks, amazing sites, or your favorite watering holes around the world!
Here are two of our recent favorites:

Ben Coven of Boston, MA sent us our first official FPB Flag submission! I think Ben summed it up best in his email to the brewery, so we'll let him take it from here:

Dear Brewmasters,

I write with news! I recently traveled to the hill country of southern Vermont and after an alpine style, solo ascent of (one of) Windham County's highest peaks, I successfully planted the Forbidden Peak flag atop The Pinnacle in Westminster West (the mountaineering capital of southeastern Vermont).

I hope this post finds you well. I will continue to search out lands for inspirational beers and to spread the word of Forbidden Peak far and wide!



Below is Andy Knapp of Seattle, WA, rocking the FPB logo at the awe-inspiring Goat Rock Beach in Sonoma, California. He tried to convince us that he was in Ireland searching for Fear Liath's relatives, but luckily a brewery member was at the same wedding as Andy so was able to thwart his scheme.

Cheers Ben and Andy, and to the rest of you as well!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arctic Beaver Brown Strikes Gold... Again!

The 2008 Autumn Pour Homebrew Competition took place this past weekend in Juneau, Alaska. The Alaskan Brewery hosted the competition, which had the most entries in the history of the event. Forbidden Peak Brewery was there in full force and came away with a few awards. Below, brewmasters Sara and Skye show off FPB's new hardware.

Arctic Beaver Brown claimed the Gold Medal in the American Ale category. After backing up its success from the Great Alaskan Homebrew Competition in May, the Arctic Beaver is starting to gain some notoriety up north and is now a two-time gold medal winning beer.

A fraction of a point behind the Arctic Beaver Brown was the Ring of Fire Pale Ale. Ring of Fire was one of the favorites at the taste test in Tahoe this summer and the judges at the Autumn pour agreed, giving the Ring of Fire the Silver Medal in the American Ale category.

Forbidden Peak's first venture into the IPA world came back as a smashing success. The Graduate IPA brought home a Silver Medal in the IPA category. IPA can be one of the most competitive categories out there, so this is an especially gratifying award.

Can lighter beers be flavorful and successful? At Forbidden Peak Brewery we believe they can, and we feel vindicated as Skookum's Gold brought home a Silver Medal in the Light Hybrid/ Amber Hybrid category.

Last, but not least, Fear Liath Scottish Ale received a Bronze Medal in the always competitive Belgian Strong/ Strong Ale category.

Creating a great tasting beer is one thing, trying to fit it into the proper category for competition is another. As we continue to explore and perfect recipes, we are learning about the very slight variations that can take a beer from one category to another. As we continue to find and invest in these competitions we continue to learn and grow as a brewery.

Forbidden Peak Brewery now has 6 award winning beers (all in 2008) after adding 5 medals from the Autumn Pour (1 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze). "We Were Here, We Drank Beer".

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shop Til You Drop

Forbidden Peak Brewery is proud to announce the official opening of the FPB SHOP! The Forbidden Peak Shop is the place to find all the latest and greatest FPB logo clothing and gear. How do you get there? Easy, go to our website: and click on "The Shop" link. It should look something like this......

Be sure to check back occasionally as we will be updating the site with fun & amazing items that have passed through Squatch's rigorous evaluations. One small step for Squatch and Forbidden Peak Brewery, one giant step for our beloved fans!

If you are new to the world of Forbidden Peak, please register on our Shop so we can add you to our email distribution list. Don't worry, you may be removed at any point if you stop being fun.

Don't have what you're looking for? Shoot us an email and let us know what you'd like to see added to the store and we'll do what we can. We are always looking to be inspired and for new amazing beer and/or fun related gadgets that we can incorporate into the FPB world.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Budding Development

Forbidden Peak Brewery is excited to announce a budding development on the brewing front - a new hops connection in Eastern Washington! When we aren't planning brew events or adventuring around the globe, our never ending quest continues to craft the perfect beers.

Top brew consultant Papa Rob recently struck up a wonderful friendship with Sweet Lew & Carolyn and their recent harvest of Willamette hops, located outside of the Tri Cities. The Brew Crew spent the better part of two weekends hand picking and sorting the highest quality buds, completely drying the fresh buds on the company ping pong table, and vaccuum sealing the crop for storage throughout the winter brewing months.

FPB is looking forward to continuing this partnership with Sweet Lew Farms, and we can't wait for planting and harveting seasons next year! After a few test runs with the new crop, we hope to have fresh Lew & Carolyn Brew samples available later this fall.

We also must thank our Cascade hops suppliers from the great silver state of Nevada- Mike & Marie and Ziggy & Barb! With hop shortages around the globe we know the importance of these friendships and are truly lucky to be involved with such generous people.

"We Were Here, We Drank Beer" Campaign

Forbidden Peak Brewery would like to announce the introduction of the "We Were Here, We Drank Beer" Campaign. FPB's goal is to encourage our "members" to live an active and healthy life. FPB has made requests for people to send us images of them partaking in adventures in FPB gear. Well, now we are adding something else- the "We Were Here, We Drank Beer" flags. The flags are meant to be taken to the top of peaks, amazing sites, or your favorite watering holes around the world to help expand the FPB vision.

Forbidden Peak Brewery will set up a world map and will post the pictures we receive on the map (assuming they are appropriate). So please, get your FPB gear and get out there and experience what the world has to offer. Below are our front runners for "FPB Picture of the Year 2008" - but there is still time!

Mike and Emily showing off their FPB gear at the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of South Africa.

FPB gear shows up on brew masters Skye and Sara on Yasawa Island in Fiji - looks rough. Rumors have it that the varities of Fiji Bitter beer are good, but not as tasty as the FPB staples.

So get out your cameras, get on your gear, and drink beer!