Monday, October 3, 2011


Forbidden Peak Brewery has been busy setting up a new and improved brewery in Juneau.  The new brew system can produce 15 gallon batches, a full size keg.  The automated system makes it easier to replicate brews, by recording exact temperatures and timing throughout the process on its onboard computer.  Having precise records will assist us in tweaking the recipes to get the final product up to Forbidden Peak standards (Squatch Approved).
Mash Tun, circulating the mash
Brew Pot- the Arctic Beaver is rolling
The first brew session on the system was one of our oldest and dearest brews, Arctic Beaver Brown Ale.  The recipe was tweaked to accomodate a batch 3 times the size of our previous ventures and in the process we decided to try to lighten the body of the beer.  Our new filtration process will add a new level of clarity to our beers and make them look as good as they taste. 

In the end, we'll have a 15 gallon FPB keg of delicious Arctic Beaver ready to go in the kegerator in the new FPB North bar. 

Squatch insists on spending time outside on the brewery grounds, keeping potential pests and threats a safe distance from the brewery. 

Look for the Arctic Beaver to be in your neighborhood sometime around Halloween.