Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FPB Goes to Vermont!

Our latest FPB expedition took the road less traveled and wandered into Vermont to see the amazing fall colors and explore the Maple Syrup industry. Dave and Cindy stopped to spread the word and extend the FPB family while on duty. Here's what our adventurous crew had to say:

Two FPB "elders" ventured to Vermont recently to check on New England family members and determine their suitability for FPB connectivity. They are shown below.

We noticed a family resemblence to those in the attached photos documenting these travels.

While one or two bottles of fairly decent Vermont Long Trail Ale brews and other local micros were heartily sampled, it can be attested that none compared with the fine elixers produced under the supervision of our beloved Forbidden Peak crew.

The maple sap extraction lines created for lively "Entrapment" style manuevering. Maple syrup in beer? A new venture perhaps.

We are pleased to report that the Vermont side of the family passed the FPB criteria that "beer is fun" - their family tradition is that "Saturday is for beer".

Thanks Cindy & Dave!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forbidden Peak Crashes Munich & Oktoberfest!

The Forbidden Family made its way across the Atlantic Ocean and over to Munich, Germany for the true/ original Oktoberfest. It's a lot like how you would imagine it, only about 10 times better! Above Mike, Justin, Skye, the Steve's (Wisconsin), Sara, and Anya took over the "Von Wolfstein" table after finishing round 1. Everyone at your table and at each table around you soon becomes friends or at least good drinking buddies.

The first night of our Oktoberfest adventure found us exhausted from our journey. We mustered up enough energy to wander into the Oktoberfest grounds and immediately got our second wind. After consuming meter long sausages we wandered into one of the Paulaner tents. A couple liters later and we were right smack in the middle of the party. Though we were a little slow on German the first night, we slowly began to pick up on it when bier related.

Day 2: The crew got up early and set up camp in front of the Schottenhamel tent (tent really doesn't do these custom wood structures justice). We were told to get there at 8 AM in order to ensure that we got a table. So, we did. They began letting us in at 9:30. Once inside the empty tent we were told to find the open seating section. We later learned that this is the "not reserved" section. About 90% of tables in the tents are reserved. After scrambling around like clueless Americans (we were not alone) we discovered that the open seating area is right in the middle of the tent, below the band. Unfortunately, we were a little slow and ended up sitting at a reserved table. After several discussions with locals, we decifered that it is okay to sit at these tables until around 3, at which time they are cleared for the folks with reservations. As I mentioned earlier we were at the "Von Wolfstein" table. Not quite Wolfhouse, but pretty darn close. The beer began flowing at 10 AM (not noon as we were told) and it made for one awesome/ long day. After a few beers, the FPB crew decided it was time to spread the word....

After feeling a bit out of place in our outfits, we inquired with some of the locals as to where we might find some clothes that would help us "blend in". With smashing success, we were able to return to the Oktoberfest grounds in fine form for our third and final visit.

We also spent a day exploring Munich and the other beer gardens they had to offer. The famous HofbrÀuhaus is basically a year round Oktoberfest style drinking hall.

Hirschgarten was our next stop. Awesome place that has so many people and so much beer that they have a little cart that wanders around to pick up all the liter glassware. Then we visited a few beer gardens in the English Garten (the famed Munich surf spot). We learned not to just pick up the 1/2 liter beers, as some are infused with Sprite (which they sometimes call Lemonade). Not good, so to be safe we stuck with drinking liters.

We also visited FC Bayern Munich's stadium- really cool building and what do you know, they have beer served everyday there. In conclusion you can pretty much have a beer anywhere in Munich, but the best place is, of course, Oktoberfest.