Sunday, November 23, 2008

JaegerSquirrel Merchandise Release!!!

JaegerSquirrel merchandise is now available for your holiday shopping! Visit our webstore at for the latest Forbidden Peak Brewery wearables.

Wily is the creature,
Who is the latest to be a feature,
In our inimitable store;
Captured in ink is the JaegerSquirrel lore.
Elusive is he on his rampages,
But now we find him on the front pages,
In the news and on our clothes,
His infamy grows and grows.
Cunning in the night,
Navigating by moonlight,
The clever JaegerSquirrel finds a way,
To reap havoc and destruction every day.
Support FPB through this special beast,
And don’t forget the porter at your feast.
We hope to keep you entertained,
With this Squirrel who cannot be tamed.
The workers here at FPB,
Work constantly and diligently,
To make the best beer under the sun.
Remember that BEER IS FUN!

Front of Hoodie / Back of T & LS T / JS logo on Front of T & LS T

Black Friday has taken on a whole new meaning this year – you have been warned!

After months of trying negotiations, the team at Forbidden Peak has recently struck a long term marketing deal with JaegerSquirrel, the great hunter of beer. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, we have made our best effort to capture JaegerSquirrel’s fearsome likeness on comfortable black T-Shirts, Long Sleeve T's, and Hooded Sweatshirts.

Following up on the success of the release of First Ascent logo shirts, the JaegerSquirrel line promises to be an epic journey onto the backs of our faithful friends. Fall and winter are the seasons the JaegerSquirrel is most active and are also the coldest seasons here in the northern hemisphere (check a map to see which hemisphere you live in). To help stay comfortable on these darker days, grab one of the JS Hoodies, and if that doesn't do the trick try the beanie as well.

FPB is committed to putting the same meticulous care into the crafting of our JaegerSquirrel clothing line that we put into the development of the first bottle of the robust JaegerSquirrel Porter.

The beast is now unleashed!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

AukNess Amber

AukNess Amber is a smooth, well balanced brew. A subtle hop flavor is noticeable but is blanketed by a smooth-sweet crystal malt base. The slightest hint of roasted flavor presents itself initially and then, like that, it is gone. AukNess Amber has a bright amber color with a frosty off-white head. AukNess is an unbelievably clear beer, most likely from the pristine glacial runoff that the beer is made from.

Lake monsters can be found throughout history in every corner of the world. There are the more famous – Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, Issie in Japan – and then countless others in almost every culture. The lake creatures can take on many forms and demeanors; however, they all have one thing in common - mischief. For centuries these creatures have toyed with residents, visitors, and researchers alike, teasing them and leading them to pursue countless misadventures trying to prove their existence.

The legend of AukNess dates back to the first settlement in the now Auke Bay area of Alaska, centered around Auke Lake. It was commonplace for these early settlers to see "monsters" or "creatures" of abnormal size and ability, but there was one water creature that captured their interest more than the others. The creature was described as gigantic, powerful, and as graceful as a bird. According to records, AukNess was so swift a swimmer that he could literally skim the surface of the water, leaving little doubt in the locals mind that this creature was at least part bird. The name AukNess originated from the creature’s similarity to the now extinct Great Auk bird, which were excellent swimmers, using their wings to propel themselves underwater. Ness is of Norse origin and means headland or cape, in this case describing the point that runs off of Auke Lake.

AukNess was most known for raiding nearby villages for spirits and gold, plundering the local’s wealth and libations. To appease this mysterious beast, residents of the area began leaving an offering at the approach of every new moon. A yellow cedar barrel of their finest beer was filled to the brim and rolled down to the lake. On top of the barrel was carefully placed a pint of liquid gold, which has allowed the region’s inhabitants to live in relative peace with the AukNess creature for centuries.

A famed marine biologist from the local university staked his reputation on a 1982 report that a large creature was sighted on Auke Lake on a clear night, moving across the lake at over 20 miles an hour. After spending many years working AukNess research grants, the mustachioed scientist has expanded his research to look for historical clues from the ancient Great Auk around the world. His research has now been focused on seaweed, as the belief is that the seaweed (not unlike amber) catches clues to past generations and hardens into a preservative.

Today, AukNess sightings have greatly diminished. No one knows why but some suggest it is due to the large number of people in the area, or perhaps the use of motorized vehicles on the lake has kept him down and out of sight. There have been many stories of people throwing balls into the water for their dogs, with the ball mysteriously disappearing from what appears to be a webbed hand rising from below.

One thing we know for sure, even when the creature passes through this world, the legend of AukNess will live on forever.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Golden Weasel


The Golden Weasel is a formidable quadrupel Belgian beer. This quadrupel’s full palate is mild, yet pleasantly bitter and spicy. The Golden Weasel is laced with 10% alcohol, thanks in large part to a generous contribution of Lee’s homemade Belgian candy sugar (thanks Lee!). The finish leaves you with a slightly sweet & spicy aftertaste. The dark red-brown beer displays a thick foamy head and features strong malty flavors.

The abbey quadrupel style, or quad, is a product of Belgian monastic brewing. Like other abbey ales, these beers are often produced by secular commercial breweries in today’s market. However, the “authentic” Trappist brewers, from Belgian monestary’s, continue to be the dominant force in the market.

The Golden Weasel has become one of the more formidable woodland creatures. Although small in stature, this creature is often considered to be extraordinarily brave, wily, wise, and graceful (as can be seen when he plays pong). The Golden Weasel has only one natural predator- the JaegerSquirrel. Although equally as deadly on the ground, the Golden Weasel is no match for the JaegerSquirrel if caught up in a tree.

The Golden Weasel was originally from the region that is now Belgium. He loved the rich, thick, malty beers that the local monks would make. After tiring of Belgians and the neighboring French, the Golden Weasel packed up and moved to the Klondike area just before the start of the gold rush. The Golden Weasel (then known as Sir Golden Weasel) was introduced to Squatch by Cousin Skookum in Skagway, where the Golden Weasel would often bring necessity goods (food, guns, beer, pornography) down to exchange with the hungry and needy mining folk. The Golden Weasel would tell fascinating stories of the beer in Belgium and would describe his favorite beer, the Quad, in such detail that Squatch and Skookum could practically taste it on the tip of their tongues. A project was born and the three beer fanatics set off to perfect a quad Belgium recipe that would keep them warm throughout the long Klondike winters. With collaboration from FPB, Squatch was able to replicate this once infamous brew on a much larger scale, for all the world to share.

It was during the Klondike Gold Rush that the Golden Weasel received his name. In exchange for all of the goods he provided, the Golden Weasel found himself toting one of the largest stockpiles of gold of any individual of that era. It was thought that he was evil and cunning, conning miners out of their findings. But in fact, the Golden Weasel was greatly misrepresented in the history books and thanks to Squatch’s new biography on the little woodland creature, we have a new more personable description of him. Squatch considers the Golden Weasel to be one of his dear friends and both have benefited from the relationship over time. One thing that Squatch has learned over the years, however, is never to get in the middle of a fight between the Golden Weasel and JaegerSquirrel – a death wish at best! Once the Golden Weasel gets into his Weasel War Dance, it’s best to head another direction.

We ask that you look past the slanderous stories of the Golden Weasel that exist out there, and know that the true story is one of bravery and honesty. Although it is pertinent to point out that if some mythical woodland creature tells you to kill someone, even if it may sound like a good idea at the time, report it to the nearest authorities immediately. Remember, things aren’t always what they seem, but BEER IS FUN!