Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The crew at Forbidden Peak Brewery has really extended themselves this time in order to bring you an authentic flavor of fun - Hijole Limon. Hijole Limon is a straw-yellow ale with a bright white head, zesty carbonation, and a light body. The taste is pure and well balanced with an enticing malt and hop taste with a subtle hop aftertaste. The slight whisper of tequila and hint of lime smoothness help round out the body. Hijole finishes with a mild, clean aroma.

There are several "lime" flavored beers coming on the market these days, but none seem to capture the true essence of the fresh lime. Here at Forbidden Peak Brewery we strive to meet perfection. The FPB brewers got together and decided our combination of a crisp lager-inspired ale and fresh lime juice needed a boost - like a slight backdrop of premium silver tequila! After all, tequila and lime go together just as well as a cold cervesa and lime. On extra hot days, Squatch encourages the use of a fresh lime wedge in the beer when drinking.

Hijole Limon translates roughly to "Wow, Lime!" This expression of excitement is a common reaction to the first sip of an ice cold Hijole Limon. The name Hijole Limon was chosen to celebrate our neighbors to the south. Too often when we think of the celebrated brewing cultures around the world we think of the northerners like the Germans, Irish, and Canadians, but leave out our good friends in Mexico. Each year tens of thousands of people from all around the world migrate to Mexico in the spring time to enjoy the quaint, fresh Mexican beer selection.

Squatch has many fond memories of visiting Mexico for a break from the frosty northern springs back in the early days. He enjoyed sitting on the beach, sipping a beer, and splashing in the once crystal clear ocean waters. He hung out with friends, went to his first "Foam Party", rode in the most amazing golf carts he'd even seen, had fantastic fresh lobster & tequila, and discovered that you can pretty much make good beer anywhere in the world. As Squatch gets along in years, he often finds himself daydreaming of the adventures he had in Mexico. Longing for a flavor in beer that could enhance those memories was his goal when he came to the crew at FPB with the concept of Hijole Limon. ¡Mas cervezas por favor!


Thursday, June 5, 2008


Collaboration Ale marks the beginning of another "fun" service at Forbidden Peak Brewery. FPB was asked to team up with Geoteaming (a company that builds leadership & team skills through technology and adventure using GPS) to create a label & FPB beer specific for their company adventures and excursions.

Working closely with Geoteaming President & Director of Fun Adam Hitch, the staff at FPB was able to create a label that stems from the 5 important points of a team building compass- Collaboration, Leadership, Trust, Communication, and BEER! What better way to finish a team-building exercise than to find the "treasure" chest of ice cold Collaboration Ale at the end.

This marks an exciting time at Forbidden Peak and our first official collaboration with another company. FPB has and will continue to engage with other "net positive" organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Remember that fun is our goal, and getting people organized in social and active lifestyles in the outdoors is our purpose.



Forbidden Peak Brewery is proud to introduce our latest beer to the family- The Graduate IPA. In commemoration of Dr. Sara (ie Dr. Hops) the crew at Forbidden Peak has put together a beer that competes with other world class IPA's.

The Graduate is a deep copper-gold color and has a big white head. An exciting fruity hop aroma lingers off the top of the beer. The flavor is initially dominated by hopiness, but is followed by a balanced hop and malt combination. The aftertaste is long, crisp, and leaves a dry hop flavor in your mouth. Satisfying, yet stirring demand for more.

During one of Squatch's voyages around the world (normally void of beer, due to the inability for beer to keep that long), a young man approached him with a pint of beer in a wooden chalice. Flabergasted that the beer had not spoiled, had a fantastic strong hop flavor, and seemed to have a very high alcohol percentage, Squatch was immediately drawn to this so called "IPA". Over the course of several weeks at sea, Squatch had picked this young man's brain enough to try the recipe back in the Cascades.

As fate would have it, this young man was George Hodgson from the Bow Brewery in East London- the creator of the India Pale Ale. George had a pleasant pale ale at his brewery, but in order for beer to keep longer, he experimented with adding more hops and increasing the amount of alcohol in his pale. This beer became the staple for long voyages, especially ones to India (hence the name India Pale Ale).

Little Known Fact: No breweries in India currently brew India Pale Ales.

Dr. Hops is graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. A long, hard fought battle through various schools & programs now comes to an epic end. This beer was made to thank Dr. Hops in advance, for taking care of all the crew at Forbidden Peak.