Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The "We were here, we drank beer" adventures continue!

Forbidden Peak Brewery is proud to sponsor one of the most extreme adventurists of the modern era, Mr. John B, on a solo quest to find the true meaning of Beer is Fun. John's mission has been long, and it has been difficult, and it is our duty to report on the adventures of a true beer fan. John's adventures have been so extensive that we had to break the blog post into two segments...

Our hero began in Bellingham, Washington, with a glimmer in his eye and a Forbidden Peak Brewery beanie on this head.
A stop in Bend, Oregon found our friends at Deschutes Brewery and Mirror Pond, the lake namesake of their pale ale.

Friends, do NOT try this next one at home. John and his skilled team of safari guides were able to get close enough to a relative of the JaegerSquirrel surveying his territory over Crater Lake.

John then headed east for a stop at the Grand Canyon. Extensive measurements here determined that, indeed, it is easier to jump over a camp fire after drinking a JaegerSquirrel Porter.
Next stop, Zion National Park in Utah. John is convinced this is where Squatch comes to vacation during the summer months, but unfortunately we were not able to confirm this with a sighting.

It turns out that there is no better way to recuperate from a long trip of adventuring and drinking than a pristine view of Wyoming Lake... while drinking.

While not quite as tasty as Forbidden Peak, Grand Teton in Wyoming is a pretty respectable mountain. Here is where John collected the actual hair of the Yeti for our inspirational espresso stout.
In the end, it was time for a nice evening at a classy establishment in Deer Lodge, Montana. I mean seriously, who doesn't love to spend time in Deer Lodge?
By the way, John recommends avoiding the "VIP" room at this particular casino...

Thanks John!! We'll catch up with you soon when you head a little farther south for your next adventure!
Our "We were here, we drank beer" photo campaign strikes again!

Forbidden Peak Brewery gear is popping up all over the world and we're going to be posting some of our recent favorites over the next few days. We're also close to awarding our first annual Forbidden Peak Brewery "We were here, we drank beer" FPB Ambassador of the Year award!

First, one of our East coast reps made an expedition to the Dominican Republic. FPB is lucky to have quite a loyal fan base in Boston... thanks Ben!

Dear Brewers of Forbidden Peak,

First: Congratulations on your recent achievements! Nothing makes me more proud (or thirsty) then seeing awards thrust upon such skilled brewers.

Second: I would like to share a picture with you. These were taken along the distant coast of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic while exploring the Caribbean for warm weather during the cold New England winter. While we were able to forage sufficient food from the buffet, our thirsts were difficult to quench for lack of Forbidden Peak behind the bar. In hopes of spreading the word I flew the Forbidden Peak flag on the beach as it was pumelled by a fierce hurricaine...or rather a mild tropical storm....well, maybe a strong sea breeze...(it was quite windy).

Keep up the good work and be sure to tell me as soon as your distribution extends to the metro Boston area.



Monday, June 1, 2009

Northern Exposure

The crew at Forbidden Peak just returned from an exciting adventure up North in Haines, Alaska, for the 17th Annual Great Alaskan Craft and Homebrew Festival. The extended weekend gave the brewery some quality time to spread the good word of FPB. Forbidden Peak Brewery unveiled our new line of clothing- Skookum's Gold. The shirts were a huge hit and it turns out, so was the beer. A few of the staples and a few new beers snuck in and landed some hardware. Here are Forbidden Peak Brewery's awards from the GACHF:
AukNess Amber: Gold Medal, English Brown & Porter Category (Brown Porter)
Meh Teh's Vengeance Vanilla Stout: Gold Medal, Fruit/ Herb/ Spice/ Smoked Category
Seward's Ice Box: Gold Medal, Light Hybrid Category (Koelsch)
Ring of Fire Pale Ale: Silver Medal, American Ale (Pale Ale)
Son of a Fitch Belgian White: Silver Medal, Witbier
McGinnis Marzen: Bronze Medal, Lager (Marzen/ Oktoberfest)
Red Storm Red Ale: Bronze Medal, Amber Hybrids, English Pale ales, Scottish and Irish ales (Irish Red Ale)
Three Sheets IPA: Bronze Medal, IPA (English IPA)
Hair of the Yeti Espresso Stout: Bronze Medal, Fruit/ Herb/ Spice/ Smoked Ale

A few of the FPB Brew Crew Members snuck out early to compete in the King Slammin 5K run. They represented well, breaking into the top 10 and energizing the rest of the crew.

Thanks to the entire FPB Crew who contributed to the brewing, bottling, tasting, and inspiration for all of our award winning brews!

Stay tuned into the store as the Skookum's Gold line of shirts (t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and hooded sweatshirts) will be available for purchase in the next week or two.