Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"We Were Here, We Drank Beer" Photos

Forbidden Peak Brewery's "We Were Here, We Drank Beer" campaign is in full swing!

FPB is always excited to receive photos from our favorite beer drinkers living their lives in FPB gear. The gear and flags are meant to be enjoyed on the top of peaks, amazing sites, or your favorite watering holes around the world!
Here are two of our recent favorites:

Ben Coven of Boston, MA sent us our first official FPB Flag submission! I think Ben summed it up best in his email to the brewery, so we'll let him take it from here:

Dear Brewmasters,

I write with news! I recently traveled to the hill country of southern Vermont and after an alpine style, solo ascent of (one of) Windham County's highest peaks, I successfully planted the Forbidden Peak flag atop The Pinnacle in Westminster West (the mountaineering capital of southeastern Vermont).

I hope this post finds you well. I will continue to search out lands for inspirational beers and to spread the word of Forbidden Peak far and wide!



Below is Andy Knapp of Seattle, WA, rocking the FPB logo at the awe-inspiring Goat Rock Beach in Sonoma, California. He tried to convince us that he was in Ireland searching for Fear Liath's relatives, but luckily a brewery member was at the same wedding as Andy so was able to thwart his scheme.

Cheers Ben and Andy, and to the rest of you as well!

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